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I Work from my home in Derby providing my various photographic services in and around Derbyshire From pet shoots to corporate shoots I am more than capable of covering it all. Having trained extensively on Adobe Photoshop and Nikons Capture One suit. I am confident I bring your vision to life. 


Studying Design Photography at Granville College  (Way back in 1986)  where the true and immense scope of photography was laid bare before me. From there I worked in various fields within the industry, including film processing on an industrial scale, commercial printing, hand printing colour and black and white images, retouching photographic prints with inks directly on to the surface of the paper. Commercial and industrial photography, covering everything from cookware product shots to large industrial machinery, using a variety of medium format Bronica and Mamiya and large format 5×4 and 10×8 inch plate cameras. Freelance snapper at Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United premier games capturing action shots to be transmitted to the tabloids to hopefully be printed on the sports page front cover (the back page of the tabloid). Model portfolio shoots,  Wedding photographer, Portrait photographer.

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